Amy + Will

Kinston, NC Wedding Photography


Amy and Will had the most amazing Kinston, NC wedding a few weeks ago! I met this awesome couple at our church in Greenville, Integrity. My sweet friend and former bride, Sara introduced Amy and I. When I first sat down with Amy and her mom, Anne to chat about wedding photography, I could sense what a tight knit family they were and what an incredible day it was going to be!

Amy and Will share a love for the arts. Will is a musician and a photographer. Amy is a talented actress who recently graduated from the School of Theater and Dance at East Carolina University. I kept telling them what a beautiful home they will have filled with so many gifts and talents! On their wedding day, I got to observe the beautiful bonds they share with their friends and family. Spending most of my day with the girls, I got to hear each of Amy’s friends and family dote on her and share what a treasure she was to each of them.

Amy and Will, thank you for the honor of photographing your wedding. Grady and I had a blast with your friends and family. You are two truly special people and we are so excited for the life that you have ahead of you. It is going to be a beautiful one!

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Amy and her sister, Sarah share an incredible bond. It was so sweet to watch. Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding

David when he first saw his daughter in her wedding dress on her wedding day.Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0009Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0010Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0011Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0013Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0019Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0020

Will’s first glimpse of his bride. Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0021

Will shed a few tears when Amy was walking down the aisle. It was beautiful!Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0023Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0014Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0024Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0026Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0025Kinston_NC_Wedding

This “just married” glow is perfection!Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0015Kinston_NC_Wedding

This is a joyful entrance!Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0031Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0032

So much to celebrate this night! Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0035Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0036Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0033Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0038Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0042Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0045Amy and her bridesmaids opened up the dance floor with a Spice Girl’s number! Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0052Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0047Kinston_NC_WeddingKinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0054Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0053Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0050Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0049Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0051Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0057Kinston_NC_Wedding_Aqua_Classic_Country_Club_0058

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What a beautiful bride and groom too. Such a wonderful family !!! Thank you for letting me be a part of this special day. Love to you all.