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Today is the day! We are so excited to introduce you to our new brand Amanda & Grady and our new website We have been working on this project for what seems like forever, but really it has been since Winter 2014, so around a year and a half. We had just returned from Italy and we were feeling super inspired! This is when we first started thinking about what we wanted our brand to feel like, to look like, the colors we wanted, the things that inspired us. We just started dreaming and we thought it would be something we tackled in a few years. 

Fast forward to the Summer of 2015 and we found out we would be relocating to Raleigh, NC. We decided there would be no better time to get our brand and website looking it’s best and feeling more like us! When we decided to focus solely on photography, our previous name, Five Copper Creative didn’t make as much sense. This name was a nod to filmmaking and since we were no longer offer that service we found ourselves in a little bit of an awkward spot. We learned in our first year of business that it is super important to be flexible, to pivot and to do what feels right for us. We were entering a new city, a new market. We had changed our focus and we were ready for our name and brand to reflect this. 

We contacted Krista Jones with The Palm Shop this summer to get the ball rolling! We started our branding homework. She started with our logo design first. Once that was complete, we moved forward to the website! With every decision and step, I could sense our vision becoming a reality and it was the best feeling! Our business is so personal and such an extension of us that we wanted people to feel like they were really connecting with us! We are so excited about the final product and so pleased with how it all came together! We are so grateful for your hard work on our site Krista!

I have loved going back through our branding homework and reading through some of the answers and thinking about how this whole project came to fruition. It is another step in our journey as a business, our journey as photographers, our journey as entrepreneurs and our journey in this life together!

Here is one of the questions Krista had us answer as a part of our branding homework. 

Q: What made you first fall in love with photography?

A: I just loved when I saw a photo and it could move me to an emotion. I could step right into that moment and be there. I also loved the feeling of seeing these tiny little moments that could be missed in a blink, but that are so important. All those little moments make up a lifetime and I thought it was amazing that someone was able to capture that in an artistic way for someone to hold onto forever.

Thank you so much to all of the people who have helped support us! Our clients, our friends, our family! We are so grateful to each of you and so excited to have you with us on this journey! Thanks so much for being a part of Five Copper Creative and thank you so much for continuing on our journey with us as Amanda & Grady!

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Congratulations! I love the look of your new website. Amanda & Grady, you truly capture those moments that many will cherish forever. ~Simply Beautiful~

Hi Amanda & Grady, congratulations on your new website. It looks wonderful and full of life. Just like the photos you take. I wish the best to you both.

So happy for you two.

Wow! Guys, this is a beautiful site and we’re so happy for you- your hard work on this really paid off! Fingers crossed we get to work with you guys at a wedding soon. Gosh, that would be a dream! xo