Should I Buy an Album?

The Importance of Printing


The number one request I get from clients is that they want to have access to all of their digital images so that they can print them at their convenience and share on social media. I totally understand that. I was a bride not so long ago myself and I had the very same request. We live in a digital age and with the presence of social media, people desire to share photos with friends and family in a convenient way. I love the ability that social media gives us to share photos and I love that technology has made it so that we can store and save images to access so easily! So why would I encourage people to print an album? I’ve listed a few reasons why I think printing an album is so VERY important that I hope you will consider when making your choice. 


  1. We truly believe in what we like to call “the connection factor.” We talk about connection all the time! We believe it makes your photos come to life. We believe it makes experiences more meaningful and as we dig deeper and deeper into our business, we are starting to realize that it is one of our core values as people. Connection is the reason we love coffee. It’s not about what we’re drinking (though we love the taste and aromas that come with it)! To us, coffee is about what happens across the table when we’re sharing a coffee with others. It represents gathering with friends, sharing stories, tears, laughter, and deepening our connection. We think the same thing is possible with an album. We want the experience of sharing your photos with your kids and grandkids to foster connection! Just you and your daughter or grandson sitting on a couch, turning through pages, sharing stories, creating memories and cultivating connection. 
  2. Your album tells your story. It is a beautifully curated and tangible representation of your story and we LOVE stories. Everyone has one and everyone is creating one. We love that with an album, you can pick a beautiful chapter of your story and relive it over and over. You can remember the big moments and the little ones that make your story unique. It can be while you’re having a coffee in the morning or when your best friend comes over for a visit. I think about this every time I visit my friend Rebecca. She has her wedding album sitting on a side table near her couch. Every time I go for a visit, I grab that album and we flip through it together and reminisce about her wedding and share all of our favorite memories.


  3. Albums help you remember. We think there is so much power in remembering, in recalling to your mind the most important times of your life to help you focus on what matters most. To us, an album is a safe place to keep some of your most treasured moments!
  4. And finally, we think purchasing an album through us is important because you are guaranteed a beautiful and professional quality heirloom. One of the many things I love so much about the albums that we offer is the fine craftsmanship that goes into each one! Each cover is made with European leather or beautiful and durable linen. Each spread is printed on high quality Kodak Endura papers for a stunning album that will last for generations to come. 

Here are a few examples of some of the gorgeous albums we offer and we are so excited to announce that we are having an album sale! Cue the champagne! We are launching this sale to celebrate our new website and in conjunction with our 40% Off Prints Sale! If you have had a photo session with us in 2014, 2015 or 2016 we are offering 20% off on our leather and linen albums! If you have already booked a wedding or session with us in 2016, you can add an album to your package for 20% off! This includes parents and family too! Just email Amanda at (that was a lot of Amanda’s in one sentence) for more info and for a current list of offerings and our album pricing!



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