Part 2: Florence and Pisa


A peek into Florence and Pisa from our trip to Italy last November. You can check out more photos from our trip, here. Florence was one of my favorite cities we visited on our journey. It is filled with art and beauty. It is the home of David, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and the Duomo di Firenze, one of the most unique and beautiful structures I’ve ever seen. We ventured back into Florence in the evening and the only thing more beautiful than Florence in the day, is Florence at night. The buildings were beautifully lit. People were walking around arm in arm, laughing and enjoying life. Wine was being poured and gelato being served in all the little gelaterias. Live music was echoing throughout the city and it was magical. I fell in love with this city and I only hope I can go back one day. Man at Duomo Italy FlorenceFlorence ItalyItaly_Travel_Photography_0002Ponte Vecchio Bridge ItalyFlorence Church DuomoFlorence Sketch ItalyFlorencePisa Italy Photography

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