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I’m excited to announce that Grady and Penny and I are moving to Raleigh, NC in July! Grady has accepted a new position with a company there and we will be officially headed to Raleigh next month! Grady went to school at NC State and is very excited to be back in one of his favorite cities. I have never lived anywhere but Greenville and I am excited for a new adventure with my main squeeze! We have so much to do between now and then, but we feel confident that it will all come together! We appreciate all your prayers and support during this transition! We are so thankful for our time in Greenville and the opportunities that this city has given us. We have loved being near our families, great friends, being a part of an incredible church family and an awesome business community. We are certainly going to miss it here and are grateful for all of the wonderful memories we have here. So what will look different in our business? Not much! Grady and I will continue to be husband and wife (obviously) and business partners! I will continue to serve as the lead shooter for Five Copper Creative and work with some of my favorite second shooters (including Grady!) We will no longer be taking on film projects for the time being as Grady took the lead on most of those projects and was our main editor. I will continue to accept photography projects in Greenville and around NC and beyond as I do now! So, in short, not much will change, other than our location and our sole focus on photography. We are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of our amazing clients! You have made our first year and a half of business a dream come true! We look forward to what the future has in store for us and continuing to create! Moving_0002    

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Congratulations looking forward to having you in Raleigh. The North Hills area is great☺